Four Steps to Saying “No”

Posted: March 7, 2014 in Miscellaneous
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This week I had the opportunity to attend Managerial Effectiveness training  in my office.  Part of this training, we were taught four steps to saying No. You might find them interesting too. Here you go….

Listen to the request

Make sure you understand the request completely before coming to a hasty conclusion. Ask questions if you need any clarification.


Say “no” immediately

You do not need to justify your decision. If you start doing so, you will be prolonging the conversation unnecessarily

Give a reason for your refusal

Without giving a reason, you may come off as uncooperative or hostile. A clear and honest reason will be sufficient, you do not need to argue with the other party.


Offer to find an alternative

Let the other party know that you will try to help them but you are unable to perform the entire request

“If something makes you feel uncomfortable or if you feel the request is unreasonable, then it is your prerogative to refuse”


Always remember that you are not saying “no” to the whole person, but only to part of the relationship which makes you feel uncomfortable.


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