Kishore Borra is the Managing Director of EnergyTech Global Pvt Ltd. is a 100% wholly owned subsidiary of NEST Developments Ltd, a company incorporated and registered in New Zealand. EnergyTech is a technology development arm of NEST Developments Ltd which is tasked to develop, support and maintain enterprise software solutions for Global electricity retail markets. In his current role, Kishore leads the end-to-end strategy and operations of EnergyTech Global, including all matters pertaining to Finance, HR, Legal, Regulatory & Compliance etc. More importantly, He sets the vision, strategy/mission and overall direction of the company.

He was the former Senior Manager Technical at Hexagon Capability Center(HCCI/Intergraph) in Hyderabad, India and was in-charge of strategic Planning & delivery of GeoSpatial Projects of Global SG&I Project Services group. In his latest role, he has acquired a decent experience from Management Consulting to Corporate Finance to IT Strategy and infrastructure management. Kishore holds dual Masters in both Physics and Energy Management and has got 4 years of rich teaching experience in Bangalore and Hyderabad colleges(2001- 2004). Later for the last 15 years, he continued to serve the IT industry across the globe.

Kishore is known for his excellent relationship management skills with the ability to relate to people at any level of business and management across the globe and significant experience working with customers, project managers and technical teams for securing & executing concurrent projects and firm initiatives. Kishore is a relatively easy going, people-centered, happy-go-lucky person drifting through the opportunities that life dishes out, picking the ones that match his interests and aspirations. He is a proven Organization Builder & Operational Executor. Kishore is a massive student of leadership studying from the best of the best. He is now part of The John Maxwell Team and is a certified Coach, Trainer & Speaker.